Monday, February 11, 2013

The ABL Import Deliberation

There are many ideas and opinions regarding import player numbers in the Australian Baseball League and what might be the ideal number per team and concessions for teams to have more. There is no doubt imports add value and give fans exciting new players to support each season. Also the development of local players can be enhanced by testing their skills against imports and playing on the same team is a chance to work together. As the ABL makes further progress rules regarding imports may change but the below are some suggestions for consideration:
  • Affiliated imports and Independent Baseball imports could be placed in separate categories because the independent players are looking for opportunities. Therefore a cap on affiliated imports per team and some flexibility on the number of independent players could be a beneficial approach, which could further highlight the ABL as a league to be seen in and hopefully open the door to other opportunities
  • A team which finishes in last place could be allowed more imports for the following season and teams that failed to make the playoffs may also be allowed a higher number. By allowing a bottom of the table team the most imports could do much to ensure they are competitive for the next season
  • There could be a basic rule set by the ABL i.e. a maximum of four affiliated imports and four independent players and if a team needs more then they can apply to the league for consideration and factors taken into consideration could include past season performance, local players who might be unavailable because of recovery from injury, the population of the city and the size of the local baseball league
The perfect arrangement with imports may never be achieved or fully agreed upon by all stakeholders of the ABL, however it seems reasonable this will be an area which is reviewed each season and enhancements to rules regarding imports will evolve accordingly.

It seems though most fans are in favour of imports and appreciate some teams need more than others.

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