Sunday, March 10, 2013

Australia it's time for a change

Australia has had the same men's baseball national team Field Manager and core group of coaches since the year 2000 and some changes could be a good opportunity to try some new perspectives. The existing baseball coaching staff has a wealth of experience which can continue to support the development of the sport in Australia, but it seems timely to try some new faces when it comes to international tournaments. Australia was unable to win a game at the 2013 World Baseball Classic and coaching and managerial decisions was far from the sole cause, yet it seemed team selection decisions were at times based on past success rather than current form. It's rare in sport for coaches and managers to have a tenure over a decade long and it's important to keep ideas cutting edge which change can bring about quite quickly. A few names to consider to takeover from Jon Deeble could include Brooke Knight, Michael Collins, Kevin Jordan and Dave Nilsson pending availability.

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