Friday, June 7, 2013

Q&A with Brett Roneberg

Questions and answers with Brett Roneberg (pictured above) a former professional baseball player and two-time Australian Olympian.

1. (NH) What do you consider to be your top five baseball career highlights?
(BR) Top five highlights:
  • Signing professionally at age 16 with the Florida Marlins
  • Achieving a silver medal at the Athens Summer Olympic Games
  • A walk off home run in a crucial Minor League playoff game in 1999. It was a pressure situation in the bottom of the ninth inning with two strikes
  • Participating in the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympic Games as an athlete
  • Pitching a three hit shutout during the under-sixteen 1995 World Cup in Brazil

2. (NH) Who were some of your most formidable opponents?
(BR) Just one...Cuba! Games were often very competitive against them and we came close to beating them in the Athens 2004 Gold Medal Game

3. (NH) What were some highlights for you on and off the field participating in baseball at the Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games?  
(BR) Sydney and Athens:
  • At Sydney 2000 we were happy baseball was part of the Olympics and that we had an opportunity to represent Australia at home
  • At Athens 2004 the team had a big goal which was to win gold and we nearly achieved this and were a bit unlucky not to

4. (NH) What are some initiatives you feel could further cultivate baseball interest in Australia?  
(BR) It seems some people fall away from baseball after the under-fourteen and under-sixteen junior levels and it would be great to keep these people involved in baseball. For some players if they don't make certain representative teams by these age groups they lose interests but perhaps encouraging them to have other goals like playing for the fun of it could help retention of players.

Brett's dad Geoff has constructed an official family website which has many great details, photographs and video footage of Brett's baseball career. Please refer to this link to see Brett's Baseball Career Index.

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