Sunday, July 28, 2013

Q&A with Aaron Sookee

Questions and answers with Aaron Sookee (pictured above) who is a right-handed pitcher who has played Minor League Baseball within the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Organisation and he was an inaugural player with the Sydney Blue Sox in the Australian Baseball League

1. (NH) What do you consider to be some of your baseball career highlights?
(AS) Baseball career highlights:
1. Signing professionally (LA Angels)
2. Probably playing in the ABL and getting a chance to play for Sydney for the first three seasons
3. Probably Australian Schoolboys and the schoolboys tour

2. (NH) Who were some of your most formidable opponents?
(AS) Formidable opponents:
  • Playing against all the old ABL guys like B.K. (Brendan Kingman) and (Justin) Huber and guys like that... It's always a good battle against those type of guys and especially because I used to see them play... It's always fun to do that sort of thing
  • Pretty much everyone in the States really because it's a pretty intense competition... You've got to constantly have your guard up... As a reliever you've got to be ready to compete every day and I went from pitching once a week to three or four times a week
3. (NH) What was it like to be an inaugural Blue Sox player and some of the buzz that went with it on and off the field?
(AS) Inaugural Blue Sox experiences:
  • It was an unreal experience and to be the first of anything is pretty special
  • We had a real good team and we played real well... We just fell short as Perth got us in the semi-finals
  • It was good to see the game get back to where it was in the early 90s... We've still got a long way to go though but we'll be alright
4. (NH) What are some initiatives you feel could further cultivate baseball interest in Australia?
(AS) Further cultivating baseball:
  • We need to continue to get the imports from America to bolster the ABL standard
  • The Dodgers and Diamondbacks games is a big initiative... That will probably boost junior numbers I think and especially in Sydney/New South Wales area
  • They're doing a pretty good job at the moment, I think maybe just a little bit more awareness of the ABL and maybe more television ads to get it out there a bit more because a lot of people don't know or they weren't aware until more recently the league is up and running again... It should get going now with the Diamondbacks and Dodgers coming here so we'll be alright

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