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Q&A with Michael Lysaught

Questions and answers with Michael Lysaught (pictured above) who was an inaugural infielder with the Sydney Blue Sox in the Australian Baseball League. Lysaught also played Minor League Baseball within the Minnesota Twins Organisation
1. (NH) What do you consider to be some of your baseball career highlights?
(ML) Baseball career highlights:
  • Definitely signing a professional contract (Minnesota Twins)... Having that opportunity to do something you love and try and make it a career and a job
  • The friends I have made throughout all the levels I've played... I know people across the world all because of this game... That's definitely a highlight to me because when the playing days are over those guys are still going to be there
  • Definitely winning a few championships... From juniors all the way through to seniors... I've been fortunate I've won a few in 1st grade with Canterbury and Blacktown but I'm still chasing the elusive Claxton Shield/ABL Championship
  • Being able to do what I love that's a highlight for me... I get to meet and play with and against a whole bunch of people that will play at different levels to me
2. (NH) What was it like to be an inaugural player with the Sydney Blue Sox?
(ML) Inaugural Blue Sox:
  • I think it's something that we'll look back on after it's all said and done and have more of a understanding and more of a respect and more of an appreciation for what it was... To have kids looking up and now striving to want to play in the ABL and they'll come through because it's something we've been a part of... I think it will have more of a meaning to the (inaugural) players down the track in their lives thinking we were a part of that beginning
  • Definitely a lot of excitement because it was so new.... You'd be lying I think if you asked anyone that didn't say they weren't a little nervous as well... It was a whole new face... It's definitely something you're proud of... It's a whole bunch of excitement that's put into one
3. (NH) Who were some of your most formidable opponents?
(ML) Formidable opponents:
  • I was fortunate enough to play in the U.S. for a couple of years... I got to face a couple of guys that are now making a pretty good stance in the U.S... Johnny Cueto was one of the guys who was in Rookie Ball with me playing for the Reds when I was there... I'd never seen anything over 90 mph let alone his 95 mph plus so that was definitely a buzz to face that and definitely someone that was very hard to hit
  • I was fortunate to play against Jay Bruce again from the Reds... Awesome competitor... The guy has got a lot of ability and a lot of skill and he's showing that at the best level in the world right now
  • From an ABL standpoint the Perth Heat were the benchmark for the league... Perth have a really well-rounded ball club with pitching and they can hit and they can field... They've always been very tough
4. (NH) When it comes to your baseball passion what is the fuel which keeps you going?
(ML) I'd have to say it's the feeling you get... Whether you're hitting and you square one up and the feeling of that ball jumping off the bat... If you're in the field and you dive and make a play or you take a hit away from someone... That feeling you get from that competitive edge... If you don't have your best stuff on the day it's being competitive enough to still go out there and get the job done... I love the game and I keep coming back because of that feeling you get when you do the good things and there's no words to describe how amazing that feels inside you... You get a buzz, you feel great, the heart starts pumping... The competitive side of it when you're out there knowing mentally and statistically this game is a game of failure and you want to prove that wrong... Not too many guys have the chance to do that but if you get three out of ten you're considered pretty good at what you do... I think definitely the competitiveness, the feeling you get from doing what you do on the field and the boys because you meet so many different people at so many different levels in so many different places through this game... Baseball becomes part of your lifestyle at some point and if you're not around it and you're not involved with it you do notice its not there.

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