Saturday, September 7, 2013

Righting Australian Baseball History

The fragility of history is such that something said or written enough times can be wrongly assumed to be a fact. One detail concerning the history of baseball in Australia is the long held belief by some that Bob Nilsson was the first Australian of the modern era to be signed by a Major League Baseball club when he joined the Cincinnati Reds Organisation in 1978. Whilst Nilsson's achievement was an incredible breakthrough for the sport in Australia, more than a decade earlier Australians Richard Shirt and Kevin Greatrex both played within the Reds Organisation during the 1967 season. This is by no means a new revelation as Joe Clark's book A History of Australian Baseball: Time and Game makes reference to Shirt and Greatrex, but despite this there are those who still report Bob Nilsson as the first. Shirt and Greatrex should be correctly celebrated as two Australian pioneers of professional baseball.

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