Saturday, December 7, 2013

Q&A with Corey Adamson

Questions and answers with Corey Adamson (pictured above) who is an outfielder within the San Diego Padres Organisation. Adamson represented Australia at the 2013 World Baseball Classic and he also plays for the Perth Heat in the Australian Baseball League. His dad, Tony, holds numerous records in the previous ABL

1. (NH) What is one of your fondest early baseball memories?
(CA) Going to the Cal Ripken World Series... That would be the earliest and best memory I have... Heading over to Aberdeen (Maryland) just that whole experience was incredible... I think that was 2004 and the first time I'd ever been to America... I got to play over there in front of a couple of thousand fans but as a kid it felt like there was 100,000 in there... That was a great time.

2. (NH) What is some of the best advice or coaching you have received from your dad, Tony?
(CA) The biggest one, and he still tells me every single day before I leave the house or before I go on the field, the first thing he tells me is to have fun before he gives any coaching... Hitting wise just stay relaxed, get a good pitch to hit and do damage where you can do damage.

3. (NH) How do you feel the Baseball Western Australia High Performance Program and the academy (MLB Australian Academy Program) on the Gold Coast have contributed to your development as a player?
(CA) I think it's great, being Australian we're a lot further off than what the Americans are as they're playing 50-60 games a season from the time they are ten years old. At the academy we had Rod Carew one of the best baseball players of all-time, and having someone of his calibre teaching us you can't put a price on the value of that.

4. (NH) Having seen the previous ABL, and now playing in this version, what is it like to have such an opportunity? 
(CA) We have countless videotapes back home (from the previous ABL) and Dad and I still watch those... It looks like a whole lot of fun out there having that type of experience, but playing in the ABL it's great, we get to come out in an off-season where the Americans are snowed in or don't have the good temperature to be doing stuff... You can come out here and face guys from local leagues and anyone from Rookie Ball to the Big Leagues... It helps me out immensely every time before Spring Training.

5. (NH) To date what do you consider to be some of your top highlights playing baseball? 
(CA) Baseball highlights:

  • The Cal Ripken World Series in Aberdeen, Maryland 
  • Winning the U14 and U16 Australian (Junior) National Championships
  • Winning back to back ABL Championships with the Heat
  • Signing a professional contract 
  • Playing for Australia at the World Baseball Classic (2013) that was unreal 

To keep up to date with Corey Adamson follow him on Twitter. Please refer to this link to see Adamson's Minor League Baseball statistics.

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