Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Major League Baseball's 2014 Opening Series in Sydney was Topps

Photograph by Nicholas R.W. Henning © 2014 
Written by Nicholas R.W. Henning for Topps Trading Cards Digital Media

Pitching baseball to Australia and the world was a booming hit in Sydney from March 20 to 23, 2014. For many of the crowd not as familiar with baseball a hard hit fly ball was a cause of excitement, and foul balls caught by the crowd would have pleased Katy Perry with so much roar. Goldschmidt was as good as gold in the sun burnt land of plenty, and every Aussie wanted a shout of beer from flush Kershaw and strike outs a many. The iconic Sydney Cricket Ground became as authentic as Topps Trading Cards with a look of pure baseball, and the making of Major League Baseball history in the Harbour City. Just like a priceless Topps rookie card or autographed insert the experience of seeing MLB open their season in Australia was truly Topps mate.

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